About Me

Hey there wave  I’m Fateh, a Frontend Engineer with over 5 years of industry experience. I specialize in building complex web applications and architectures using the React.js/Next.js ecosystem.

I am currently leading the front-end team at Andisor, where we are building the next-generation wholesale e-commerce platform.

Front-End is my passion! I enjoy exploring its ever-changing world, as there's always something new to learn and experiment with. In my free time, I maintain open-source packages used by industry leaders like JetBrains and help review front-end content for LogRocket too.

Few technologies in my current stack:
React, Next.js
Vite, Webpack
SASS, Tailwind
AWS, Cloudflare

My most recent obsession has been around dev tooling and bundlers, and I’m always open to chat about all things front-end, performance, and open source!

You can reach me at hi@fatehak.dev

The Web presents a vast ocean of opportunity of which I’ve only scratched the surface