Dev Tools


My curated collection of resources I’ve explored so far is listed here. I’ve left out commonly known resources and only added ones that I felt were a little unknown.

This list is live and will be kept up to date as I find more awesome resources.


  • progressive-tooling - links to various open-source tools, a goldmine of a find!
  • - my favorite, it makes searching across github repos blazingly fast
  • IT Tools - an all in one tool collection
  • WebpageTest - industry-recognized tool to visualize your page’s request timeline
  • Symbols - a one-stop shop for copying unicode symbols
  • jsnice - js deobfuscation tool, super handy for the reverse engineers out there
  • - create great-looking presentation slides using code
  • Security Headers - validate your website’s security headers
  • crontab - easily create cron job schedule expressions
  • browserling - free cross-browser testing tool
  • badssl - visualize issues due to improper SSL configuration
  • gimme-an-img - create an optimized <img /> tag
  • useful-forks - find useful forks of a github repository

UI Components




JS Ecosystem

  • fresh - web framework built with deno
  • fastify - an alternative to Node’s Express.js
  • trpc - offers end-to-end typesafe APIs, must check it out for a fresh project!
  • neutralino.js - a lightweight alternative to Electron.js
  • mitosis - write components once, compile to every framework
  • neo - a web worker-driven rendering framework, most interesting!
  • quicklink - prefetch resources in the background when idle
  • comlink - makes working with web workers a breeze!
  • memlab - profile and detect memory leaks in your code
  • swup - seamlessly add page transition effects

React specific:

  • framer-motion - production-ready motion library for react
  • remotion - programmatic .mp4 video generation, this should blow your mind!
  • react-flow - customizable flow charts in react
  • auto-animate - automatic animations with a single line of code
  • linaria - zero runtime css-in-js library


Sites offering both svg and png formats for free!

Sites with a mix of free and premium:




Self Hosted


  • regexgo - regex patterns powered by AI? count me in!
  • bigjpg - upscales your images, the best free one I’ve come across!
  • - converts text to beautiful handwriting


Phew! that took a while to compile…

As I was preparing this list, I felt amazed by the insane number of resources out there, all accessible thanks to the openness of the Web.

Heartfelt gratitude to all the creators and authors out there! ❤️