Tech Stack


I’ve always wanted a platform to showcase my projects and share my thoughts on the Web. This website started with the aim of fulfilling that dream.

Hope you’ve enjoyed it so far! 😄

The Stack

Technologies used to build the website:

  • Astro and MDX
  • Web Components for interactivity.
  • Tailwind CSS for theming.
  • Remark and Rehype plugins for markdown transforms.
  • Prettier, Stylelint, Eslint for formatting.
  • Husky, lint-staged, commitlint for clean commits
  • Github Actions for CI/CD.
  • Cloudflare for publishing, DNS, and analytics.


I wanted to build the website with speed and usability in mind. So, I tried to use every trick to achieve maximum performance and ease of use.

Here is everything I’ve done so far:

  • Kept JS payloads minimal with the ‘no-framework’ strategy and used Web components for interactivity. Only 6kB of JS is required for the entire site to function!
  • Prefetched on-page internal links at browser idle time.
  • Prevented CLS for images and video elements.
  • Served images in next-gen formats with fallbacks.
  • Optimal delivery of images based on viewport size and lazy loaded them.
  • Self Hosted and preloaded critical fonts. Used font subsetting to further reduce file sizes from 700kB to 90kB!
  • Removed FOUC through proper asset loading.
  • Set up Cloudflare with Brotli compression and configured headers for early preload hints and optimal cache TTL.
  • Built accessible custom MDX components for a great reading experience.

The Final Test

I wanted to verify if all the optimizations I’ve done so far actually worked, so I did a Lighthouse test for my site

To my surprise, I got an overall score of 100 consistently for both Mobile and Desktop on a five run average. It feels great when your hard work finally pays off! 🎉

Lighthouse report for Mobile

Lighthouse Report for Mobile

Lighthouse report for Desktop

Lighthouse report for Desktop


Tools that came in handy for testing my website’s performance: